Sunday, 2 January 2011

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday

It's late I know...but HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all. I wish each and every one of you the happiest and craftiest of times in 2011 x
I can't believe that it's all gone so quickly! Usually our celebrations go on until today, as today is/would have been Dad's birthday.
It's been a really tough and emotional journey since the beginning of November, and a lot of it is just a blur...and somewhere in the middle Christmas happened too!! *.*
I must apologise to all my friends who never got Christmas cards this year...I just couldn't bring myself to send bought ones to you, and time ran away so I never got them made. I also apologise to all the girls in the Design Teams that I'm in...and to Mo, Zoe and Jak (x 2) Thank you so much for putting up with me and my scatterbrain ... I promise to get back into the swing of it all...NOW!! xx
I have to say that over the weekend I've even felt like packing every single scrap of craft stuff into boxes and calling it quits!! Eeeek! But I was talked out of it...and the fact that I just don't have THAT many boxes helped too! :)

As we have yet to find the right 'place' for Dad, we didn't have a base to go with flowers etc, so when I suggested to the girls that we send Grandad a balloon, they were happy with that.
Daisy especially, is struggling with the whole thing at the moment, so as we released his balloon and watched it until it was right up into the clouds, she was comforted with the thought that Grandad was able to catch it and read their message. With the added thought that a friend of mine lost his Mum last week with no warning, tissues were certainly needed.
I think it's been one of the toughest times ever for me recently...and for those of you who know me well...I've had a fair few 'tough times' over the years!
As we move on into 2011, I'll never forget the best man ever to have been in my life. Happy Birthday Dad...miss you x


Amanda said...

My dear Lyds, don't you dare stop crafting, you have such an amazing talent! Sending you and the girls some huge hugs, I hope that 2011 will bring you some smiles and sunshine.

Nigel said...

Please go and give a huge hug to whichever genius stopped you packing it all in :)

Happy New Year, and may 2011 bring you love, laughter & happiness.

LindaJay said...

Hi Lyds

Dont ever stop crafting Lyds. You have such a brlliant talent for all crafts. Was thinking about you all on New Years Day. I lost my dad twenty eight years ago and he's always in my thoughts as I know yours is and I still miss him.

Sending lots of hugs to you and the girls.



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