Saturday, 15 January 2011

Going Country!

Oh yes! For this weeks 'Music Saves My Soul' - We're going Country!!
I have to confess that I'm not such an 'old' Country fan, but I absolutely love the Dixie Chicks...and some of the more modern singers, esp Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood.
You'll notice in time that my music tastes range from Abba to Motorhead......with a bit of Malcolm McLaren in the middle!! ^.^
'Til next time... go get those cowboy boots and checked shirts out!! ----------


Marcea said...

your music tastes are as diverse as mine hun ... never one to discriminate against music ... lovin this country fix xxxxxxxxxx

Cheryl said...

This is great! I usually don't listen to the Dixie Chicks but I enjoyed this song. I have to get my country fix sometimes too.

Anonymous said...

Wow, haven't heard Dixie Chicks for so looong thanks for sharing some great country xx


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