Monday, 3 March 2008


I was tagged ...BIG time this week!!! Thanks (I think...) to Linda E, Ann, Karen, Shaz, Jozza and Shazza

Ok...Questions and answers ...
  1. What were you doing ten years ago? Cross stitch was my passion.
  2. What were you doing a year ago? I swapped my fabric and threads for scrummy papers and glue!
  3. Name your 5 favourite snacks! Ermmm...toast and marmite, toast and salad cream, Wotsits, choccy biccies and grapes!! See...I do have one healthy option ^.^
  4. Name 5 things you would do if you were a millionaire! Faint!, buy a house by my parents, pay off my sister's mortgage, have a fab holiday with my girls, buy a new car so I don't have to keep paying repair bills!!
  5. Name 5 things you like doing! Seeing my girls smile, crafting, crafting with my girls, chatting to my friends online and listening to music.
  6. Name 5 things you will never wear again! A wedding ring, dungarees, leg warmers, blue eye shadow, my most favourite pair of Levi's ever! :0( They were more holes than jeans in the end. My Mum threw them out more times than I can remember, but I kept getting them back! :0)
  7. Name your 5 favourite things! My girls, my those on Craftswap signature message reads ' I love my computer, all my friends live inside' , my lickle teddy, who I've had since a baby, all my craft stuff...and being a Funky Fairy!I now have to tag 5 more victims...Oh...I mean friends ^.^ They are...craftyc - Vanessa - Clairabelle - Fabrizio and Wendy


Karen said...

Thanks for sharing Lydia. LOL at not letting those jeans go.

Anonymous said...

Hehe about the jeans!! :) Thank you Lydia. :)


Ann said...

Thanks for sharing Lydia.....Now the jeans I can understand (had them too!!LOL), but blue eyeshadow??? LOL!!......Only joking, no offense to the Blue Eyeshadow Wearers ^_^ !!! xx


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