Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Ribbons and Rubbish!!!

Following on from the bottle top saga of last night...I had 10 minutes of fun this afternoon while Daisy was having a Playdoh moment!
Good job I wash the recycling well before putting it out as I needed a few more 'gifts' like the one OH gave me last night! I managed to retrieve another 7 can ring pulls and another baked bean ring pull !!!
All of the ring pulls have been heat embossed with 2 layers of coloured powders each...then had ribbons tied on. The large flower is the 'Build a Flower' from Funky Fairy, which has been stamped onto K&Co Dollshouse paper, cut out and arranged in two x 5 petal layers. The bottle top in the centre has a cut out flower and then a layer of Diamond Glaze added. After 20 mins drying time I added a pearl bead to the centre ...that way it didn't move about. The butterfly body is a stamped image of one of the petals from the same Build a flower kit...then the ring pulls added for wings ^.^
It's nothing special but it kept me out of trouble for a while Roll


Mee said...

The butterfly ring pull has turned out rather well, I like it lol

made by fifi said...

its fab lydia - you could make a brill valentines card with them i think!xx

Lydia said...

Thanks Jo and Feefs...but Feefs I'm not sure I need one now!!Lol ^,^

Linda Elbourne said...

You clever thing you XXX Loving your work XXX

craftyscot said...

very ingenious Lydia, what does OH think then?

Ann said...

Very unique - what a wonderful talent you have Lydia, thanks for sharing, I love it!!!

Ann xxx

daisy said...

Very inventive :o)

Karen said...

What a clever idea - looks fab :)

Hels said...

How fab Lyds....very innovative xx


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