Monday, 4 February 2008

His 'n' Hers!!!!

Inspired by my friend daisy, who has altered some bottle tops ... I decided to have a go myself as I've got a bag full of them!!
I made one to see what it came out like...and though I say so myself...I quite liked it!

Being pleased with it, I went off to show my OH and explained to him that I was going to put it on his Valentine's day card. Well! Being the comedian that he is...his strangely pulled face said it all really, but then he added...Why are you putting rubbish on my card??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He thought it was hilarious and added 'How on earth am I going to get you something just as....nice'???!!!!
Trying to explain to him how much thought goes into these things ...he stopped smirking and said 'Oh, OK, I'll bear that in's erm...lovely!' !!!
Rolling my eyes towards the ceiling I left him to it and wandered back to the comfort of my craft room.
Five minutes later he appeared saying that he wanted to show me what he was going to stick on my card...and added...I have brought you this to show you my love...and before you say anything, a lot of thought went into it as it's the last can of coke and I thought you would want to know we need some more!!!!! Kicking Dirt

There you have it...his 'n' hers valentine tops!!!

PS...since typing this...I have become the proud owner of a Pepsi Max bottle top, the pulled top of a baked beans can and a plastic cap from the top of the milk!!!
Me thinks someone is pushing their luck!!


funky Fairy said...

LMAO!!! I love yur bottle top Lyds :) Gotta say though i find this post hilarious!!! Your definately collecting some...erm....stash
Shaz x

She said...

Great bottlecap. You have cheered me up and made me giggle! :-) I'd get just the same reaction off Bry. xxxxx

Monty's Mum said...

Lol! is he still breathing...and I think his doppleganger lives with me!

Shaz said...

well i think you are very lucky as some of us don't even get that :0)
love your bottle top xx

made by fifi said...

you really funny lydia!thank you for cheering up my morning xx love your top but not sure about your OHs !!

Turnidus said...

Oh Lydia - you have made me laugh! I can just picture the scene - all too easily, sadly! It is a lovely bottle top btw! :)

daisy said...

Thanks for the laugh Lyds ... well not so much a laugh but a fit of hysterics. I think it is lovely. Err yours that is, not his :o)

Angie C said...

Oh Lydia, that was so funny :-) I must say though I really like what you have done with your bottle top - if hubby doesn't want it, send it over here :-)

Hels said...

:O)) LOL at this!!! Love the bottle cap too !!

craftyscot said...

hilarious post Lydia :0)
Love the bottle top too BTW

Mee said...

Love the bottle top but the reaction of your OH is hilarious, it's made my day!!

CraftyC said...

PMSL. Would you like to recycle some of my rubbish! The bottle top is fab!

Ann said...

Fabulous bottle top Lyds, thanks for the giggle too ^_^

Ann xxx

Karen said...

That's so funny - I can totally picture the scene - what are blokes like, thanks for the laugh :)


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