Wednesday, 2 January 2008

New Year...New Challenges...And Reflections we are in 2008!
Today is my wonderful Dad's 84th Birthday...

This new year I have decided to be selfish!!!!!!!! Ok...When I say selfish, I don't mean ...I mean, as in I want to make some things for me to keep.

Don't get me wrong, I have loved making things, sending them off and hoping the recipient enjoys my work, and in the case of swaps and lists, it's been great to get other crafters lovely work in exchange.
I really want to get into scrapbooking this year as I seem to have a ickle collection of photographs stored in a container about 2' x 1' x 1' !!! (whatever that is in metric :o) ) and 5 CDs full of photo's downloaded from cameras and phones... and need to start somewhere! Soooo watch out Lesley, I'm coming to join your Scrapbooking challenges on Craftswap Forum

Having 4 girls, my main collection of photo's are of them, which I am really looking forward to 'scrapping', but hopefully by doing the challenges it will encourage me to look at, and take photo's of different things that go on in the world around me, that quite often I am running past at speeds too fast to take notice of.
I'd also like to try and do some of the old Fat Book Page challenges of last year (and 2006!!) ...I think I only have about 80 to do and I'm up to date
Also, I want to get back into the weekly ATC challenge that our dear friend Susie (Florrie) ...who we sadly lost last year and miss greatly...started, back in mid 2006.

Looking back on last year, has really made me realise how quickly life changes and disappears, and how much goes by unnoticed. We lost two very dear friends from the forum last year...Susie and Tracy...a massive blow, and both are so dearly missed xx

I've been on such a wonderful crafting journey since joining Craftswap in April 2006, done things I've loved...many I haven't!! And like to think I have learned soooo much!
I'd like to thank Simon...our wonderful Administrator and friend... for making a 2nd home for all us crafters to meet in Craftswap Forum. From there I found the most wonderful 'crafting friends' - of which some, have become the greatest friends in my life

If you want to start a new addiction in 2008...come and join us at Craftswap.

Lastly...Now that I have joined the ranks of 'Crafty Blogs' (see bottom of page) ...I am finding that folks from all over the world nip in for a cup of tea and a choccie biccy...Welcome to you all

Take Care all...and happy Crafting in 2008 xx


Lesley said...

Your blog is looking great Lydia - and I am pleased to hear you will be doing some scrapbooking this year!! xxx

shazzapat said...

aw Lyds, I love your reflections, made my eyes well up! I too am determined to get into scrapbooking so we can support each other :0)


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