Friday, 21 December 2007

Where Does Time Go???

Answer... To friends and family

I made a CD clock a while ago and am now completely hooked! Only thing was, I hadn't got any more 'old' I've used Mountboard instead.


Linda_E said...

These are stunning - you clever girlie you! BTW I have an ample stash of CD's 'specially for you ..... Come and get then when you can XXX
Happy Christmas XXX

Anonymous said...

They are stunning!!
Vanessa. :)

daisy said...

Gorgeous and I should know cos one of them is sitting infront of me.

Thank you so much for my present :o)

Angie C said...

these are beautiful

LindaJay said...

absolutely fantastic Lyds. Mine will take pride of place in my craft room - very soon.

Thank you so much.



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