Saturday, 21 January 2012

Music saves My Soul - Pitbull feat. T Pain's Saturday!! :)
I was a bit slow to start this morning after a tiring day yesterday. Usually I'm up and out to Bokwa by 9am on a feet just didn't want to make the transition from bed to floor today, never mind 45 mins of high impact, cardiovascular dancing!!!
 This is one of the tracks we have at Bokwa... if you don't know what that is...follow the link to madness!! Lol   Just loving Pitbull...there's something about him.....yum.... the glory of Music Saves My Soul...I'm just going to listen to it from the comfort of my chair  today  :)


Marcea said...

another excellent choice from you again this week my dear, love Pitbull.... very cool xxx

Ren-Yi said...

great fun song - especially with the volume turned up.


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