Sunday, 8 August 2010

From Daisy (aged 6) to Mo!

Yep...there is another Mo fan in the building...and she's snaffling my printed images!!!!!! *.*
Daisy's best friend in the whole wide world is Doodles, her little (he is now...he was bigger than her when she was a baby! lol) soft Labrador toy, and for those of you who know Daisy...he does everything and goes everywhere with her...still! He sits at the table to do colouring...and has his own paper and pencil, Hama beads...with his own tub of beads and peg board, guessed it...he has his own...and he even sits in the bathroom with a book while she has a bath!! I'm sure in years to come he'll be in the bottom of her bag at secondary school...and tucked somewhere up her wedding dress on her wedding day! lol
Well anyway... It was Mo's birthday a little while ago and Daisy wanted to make her a card. What do I find her doing the other day?? Yes...there she was (...they were!) colouring in 'Buds' ... or the rechristened version...Daisy & Doodles!
She also coloured in little Lacie because she liked the look of her ice cream!! Although I guess we could have done with a girl version of Justin!! lol

Daisy and Doodles a couple of years Doodles more erm...good looking days!!! lol


Nightowl said...

Oh my gosh, Lydia your daughters card is Adorable and I liked the story that goes behind it. I'm sure Doodles will be still with her for many more years to come.

I've had time to go back through many of your older posts and your one very talented artist. I'll look forward to keeping in touch and watching your creations as they come through now.

♥ Lydia ♥ said...

Bless you. Thank you for your lovely message and compliments...for Daisy's too x


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