Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Snow, Snow and More Snow!!!

I hope you all enjoyed the train ride yesterday... and managed to visit all 8 carriages! :)
Don't forget to keep checking back to the 'Station' (Inspiration Blog) though...as your tickets were for a RETURN journey...oh yes!! You will get another adventure some time soon!

Well...I don't know about you...but as I didn't have to go out in the car yesterday...I loved the snow!! And as the girls schools are closed again today...I still love it! Mind you...because our road has a bend and then a steep hill at the end...I couldn't go out anywhere if I needed to! I couldn't even get off the drive! *.*
Later in the afternoon a few very kind lads were there helping people up the hill! :)
These were taken at mid morning...then we had more!

So, so pretty though!

The girls...and Rolo...thoroughly enjoyed their day.......

Daisy kept lying down in it!

And before you all say...where are their hats...I know...I know...I told them too!!


Clare said...

We had similar amounts of snow and both my kids schools were closed yesterday and again today. Great fun. I posted pics on my blog. I loved the train BTW and can't wait for the return ticket. LOL hugs Clare x

daisy said...

Looks like they all had great fun.

Lesley said...

Aww lovely photos Lydia, looks like they had great fun! xx

made by fifi said...

fab photos - looks like fun we have none left now :O( xx

Emma said...

Fabby pics...looks like they were all having fun!! Lol at the no hats!!!
Emma x


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