Monday, 1 June 2015

IndigoBlu meets Stick It!

I was going to say 'Good Morning'...but it seems that as I've had a lovely time playing...I missed that part of the day!! :) But...I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that's what happens when you get engrossed in your crafting! ;)
I was recently given a few sheets of the 'much talked about' Stick It - to 'play' the lovely David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions...via the just as lovely Kay at IndigoBlu. These double sided adhesive sheets have been designed by the fantabulous crafter Ken Oliver. He designed them with the thought of making intricate die cuts easier to stick...and he soooo succeeded!! The sheets are just fabulous for know let's find another use for them too :)

The dies that I used for this project aren't too intricate, so I used the good old gluing method to attach them to my card. Hmmm....defeat the object you say? Well...this is why. I wanted my die cut to match my background colours...and my background colours were......PAINT! I also wanted I needed to adhere that on too! Soooooo.....
I painted my background with IndigoBlu English Cottage Artists Acrylic Paint...and then dried it. I then covered the area I needed with a sheet of Stick It....and cut my shape out.
Carefully peeled the adhesive backing sheet off...
...and covered in ultra fine glitter!
The result....glittery die cuts to match my background :)

Thank you to the lovely David and Brenda at Craft Obsessions...I shall be creating again soon!! :)

Lydia xx


Jacquie said...

This is stunning Lydia.

Love & Hugs

Jacquie J xxx

Lydia Tarry said...

Thanks Jacquie xx


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