Thursday, 5 March 2015

Here Come the Girls......

Hello!!! I'm back... with the girls on the catwalk of the Tattered Lace blog this time! 
There is so much you can do with these dies...I'm loving them!

For this project I used an mdf base,'s actually a box top which will hold 'hair bands and bobs'...but you can make something similar as a card very easily. 

Take the project base of your choice and coat it with a layer of Gel medium or PVA & water mix. Cover with a piece of dressmaking pattern paper and add another coat of gel medium.
Die cut 4 x Kensington Corners...adhere those to each corner.
Randomly spritz with paint/glimmer mist or similar. Dry off with heat gun.
Arrange different sized and coloured buttons in a couple of corners and adhere with hot glue.
Take a length of lace and make a bow with the small Bow Maker (absolute must have item!!! ;) )
Adhere to a big button in the corner. Make another bow with narrower lace and ensure you leave long enough tails to trail over the base.
Layer the two bows and add another button to the top. Glue down the bow tails.
Die cut the clock - Counting the Moments - then ink the hands and a few hearts in a contrast colour...adhere the clock and glue on the coloured pieces.
Die cut 6 of the girls and double layer them. Cut out dresses...again, doubling them up for a bit of strength and dimension. 
Cut out their shoes and hair...adhere the girls to the base and decorate them. 
Die cut some of the words from Fashion Sentiments in two colours to shadow them and add those.
Randomly dry brush some metallic paint to finish off your project x

Have fun!!

Tattered Lace Tools

Lace Trim

Happy Crafting
Lydia xx

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Jacquie said...

Hi Lydia,

Beautiful creation from you, these dies are very useful and fun.
Have a great day.

Love & hugs

Jacquie j XXX


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