Sunday, 13 March 2011

Music Saves My Soul...

It gets harder and harder to pick just one song each week!! I could fill pages!! ^.^
I decided that for Marcea's Music Saves my Soul this week it's going to be this, as it's kinda personal to me right now.... and new! Might even make no1 this week!

Have a happy week xx


Marcea said...

I love Nicole .... fab song sweetie!! Iknow what you mean about just choosing one song .... so hard! See you next week again xxx

Lisa aka Myran said...

Great tunes this week :)

Renata van Miltenburg said...

It's crazy how many songs and artists are out there that I have never heard of... that's why I love MSMSS!!! TFS.

I'm very curious what you think of my choice this week (a little late). They started out liked by all the young girls but their mothers picked them up as well...I bet that's not because of their high standerd songs :D This song sounds very happy and was their biggest hit for so far.

XOXO Renata

poodlechops43 said...

Absolutely love this song! Also loved the one she did with enrique -Heartbeat.
Hugs jacqui xxx

Cheryl said...

Great song! TFS!


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