Friday, 1 May 2009


I'm back!!!
What a nightmare moving house is...and NOT having PC or internet access either!! A very lonely world!! :( But...I'm back!! Yay! :0)
I still have to find the top of my craft desk as it's a bit buried right now...but hopefully, now that the girls are all settled into their new schools, I'll be able to get back on track :0)

Take care ...and see you all very soon xxx


Wilma said...

and about bloggy time too Lydia!!:)as for the top of your craft desk being buried - is that not how it should be??! Carry on designing - Luv, Wilma x

Ria said...

AHHH I am so happy to see you back!!! Missed you!!!
hugs Ria

Amanda said...

I'm soooooooo pleased you are back xxx Looking forward to seeing some creations and inspiration Big Hug

* Shaz * said...

Hi Lydia Didn't know you were moving was wondering where you had got to, good luck in your new home hope you will be very happy and its great to see you back xx

Lesley said...

Welcome back Lydia, we have missed you xxx

Shazza said...

Hi stranger, welcome back. Was wondering where you had disappeared too.
Happy New Home to you and the troops, hope you will be settled in soon
big hugs

made by fifi said...

welcome back lydia - missed you and your lovely creations. i can't find the top of my craft desk either xx

LuLu said...

Welcome back Lyds! It has been very quiet without you but glad the move went as smoothly as moves can! Hope the girls settle as that's one other hurdle over with.

Take care and have a great weekend,


Crafting Joanne said...

Welcome back Lydia, wishing you every happiness in your new home.

Enjoy your weekend.

Joanne x

Linnie said...

missing you lydia cant wait to have you back on the team

Joy said...

Hi Lydia hope you and yours are all settled in now, take care xx

Anonymous said...

Good luck in your new home Lydia. :) Eek, I've got that to do later in the year!

Alice said...

Hi Lydia, how are you? I just created a card with a stamp I won in your blog candy. If you want to see it, please come to visit my blog ;) Thank you

LindaJay said...

good to see you back Lydia - know much of a nightmare it has been. Looking forward to seeing your creations again.

Big hugs to you and the girlies too.


Pinkllilac said...

Welme back Lydia good to have you back
Hugs Linda

michele said...

Hope you are up and running again soon. How exciting - a new house. Just wanted to say I only found your site today and it’s really cool. You’ve been very busy and have so many good ideas. Your creations are really cute. I write a London based crafty e-zine and blog named Extremely Crafty Ideas. Would love to hear what you think. x


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