Sunday, 18 January 2009

!!!New New New!!!

Shaz, at Funky Fairys has spoilt us rotten with loads of new kits!! Take a peek at the download shop for all the latest'll not be disappointed!

There's Ecclectic Lurve! A MASSIVE new kit with something for everyone

In With The Old! ...Which is a gorgeous, gorgeous kit full of beautiful designs in 13 colours!

...and then there's a series of 'Distressing' ones...that in fact...are anything but distressing!! :) These each come in 90...yes 90... different colours!!!!!!!!

Oh and...just when you think you've finished...Shaz has kindly given us a FREE downloadable colour chart of ALL 90 colours!! ^.^

1 comment:

made by fifi said...

i will have a peek when i find a spare minute :O)


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